How to Become an Apple News Publisher TODAY

News App was one of the most interesting topics covered in the year’s Apple WWDC keynote. I got really excited when the announcement was made that not only big media houses will be able to publish on Apple News but also private blogs. More than 60% of my blog’s visitors are using mobile devices. So the urge for mobile readability is becoming an essential part in our mobile driven world. Apple News seems to be a clean and simple News client for iOS devices and therefore a great way to reach out to your blog’s readers on a daily basis.

How to Sign up For Apple News

The signup process as a publisher for Apple News is fairly easy assuming you have an active iCloud account. Start off by visiting the official signup page and provide Apple with your blog’s data. Make sure to have an active RSS 2.0 feed as well as a text only logo and you’re good to go. Apple News is still in closed beta and your blog will need to be reviewed before you’ll be able to make use of the publisher tools. In the meantime you can read though the Apple News guidelines. Apple News is currently only available for english speaking blogs and will be available as part of iOS 9 coming this fall.




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