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To help boost my German music blog Future Dance Music I digged deep into the topic of Soundcloud marketing. Soundcloud is one of the most popular and well used networks for publishing independent and new music. The most successful careers today have emerged from Soundcloud from professional and recreational producers and deejays, utilizing Soundcloud as their main network for promoting new music. However, Soundcloud is more than that – its secondary function as a social network provides endless possibilities for collaborating and sharing ideas with other musicians.

Soundcloud makes it easy for you to distribute your music to an extensive audience of music lovers – for free. From all the big players, such as iTunes and Spotify, Soundcloud is the only network that provides you with most of its functionality for free. If you have already been an active Soundcloud user, you probably have noticed how much the network has to offer for independent artists, and how much potential it has for you to start building an audience and even a career. However, all the benefits that Soundcloud has to offer will not come in handy if nobody knows about your profile.

In this Ebook I’ll guide you through the process of gaining your fist 1000 Soundcloud Followers in less than six weeks. You can grab your free copy over here. A German edition is available too.




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