The Reason Facebook Won’t Benefit Your Blog

Social networks are a great way to bound your blog’s visitors and make them returning visitors. Facebook is with no doubt the biggest social network and therefore the most common way to connect to your blog’s visitors. Most blog owners have a related Facebook page where they publish their posts, media or other related news (my blogs are no exception).

I remember how I started my first photography related Facebook Fan Page a couple of years ago. Having only a few hundred fans I still earned that reputation I was seeking. Back then you didn’t have in depth insights for your Facebook page but I still saw a lot of fans engaging with my content. If somebody gave me that thumb up for my page he’d be engaging in the future for sure.

Say Goodbye to Your Well Earned Fans

But the Facebook game has changed a lot in the past years. Starting my music blog Future Dance Music earlier this year I had to create another Facebook page from scratch. That’s when I realized that Facebook pages work a whole lot different these days. Your fans aren’t yours anymore, they’re Facebook’s. The new Facebook algorithm isn’t focused on organic reach anymore but paid reach. To put it short you’ll have to pay to reach your own fans. You could argue that there is a variety of different Facebook Pages and this won’t necessarily apply to all pages. That’s true, but if you’re like me and don’t use your Facebook page for sharing viral content like cats and vines you’ll have a hard time reaching out to (all of) your fans.

What You Can and Should Do 

I’m not saying that Facebook has become useless for bloggers but you should reconsider your options. If you have that one popup, widget or whatever call to action you are using to reach out to your visitors, keep this in mind: A like isn’t a gratification for permanent reach anymore. There’s plenty of other options like RSS, push notification or even other social networks (twitter, instagram) that won’t cost you money for reaching out to your subscribers or fans.




I'm Janik, 24 years old e-commerce student and freelancer from Hamburg, Germany. I spend a lot of time working online for my clients or private projects. On this blog I'll share all the interesting insights I gained from my e-commerce experiences.